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ReeFlectors™ vs Single Optical Lens Example:

  • Both tanks are 50gal cubes (24″x24″x20″H) with lights mounted 9.5″ above the water line.
  • Pictures taken at middle of the night without any stray light and matched intensity.
  • Tank on the left is with ReeFlectors ™: No direct light spill into the tank room and even color blend.
  • Tank on the right is with Single Optical Lens: Direct light spilling into the tank room despite with shade.
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ReeFi LED Duo Extreme PAR reading on 50Gal Cube

Just did a quick PAR test on 50gal cube with Apogee MQ-510 with 2 settings.
– ReeFi’s Default SPS Peak Mode at 166W
– Max Settings at 216W
Measurements taken at just below water surface, 10″ below, and 20″ bottom.

The Grape Montipora are just recovering after my tank crash when I was in China for 2 months working out production issues and inspecting all components.

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Firmware updated to V2.09

Just updated the firmware to v2.09
– Change reset to default to Default SPS, Default LPS, Last user saved
– Click/Tap on Left edge of the screen to open/close menu
– Double click/tap on any modes to send settings to NOW. Then if you hit save, you can check how it looks. Easier than manually changing NOW settings to match.
– Fixed manually change time

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ReeFi LED Duo Web and Firmware update V2.0

Just finished major update to firmware and web user interface to v2.0. Below are some changes:

  • From 5 fixed modes (Sunrise, MidDay, Sunset, Night, Moon) to customize number of modes from 1 to 10.
  • Can customize mode names.
  • Enabled Cloud feature. Cloud random from 0 to max cloud setting every 5 min. Each channel can have different cloud factor.
  • Added Acclimation per customer request. You set the percentage of your settings to start acclimation and for how many days. Acclimation percentage will go up daily and will reach 100% of your settings when acclimation days reach 0.