About Us

A little about ReeFi®:

ReeFi® is a start-up combining both my passion of reef keeping and computer engineering. I’ve worked most of my career at Intel designing microprocessors, and with the support of my loving wife, we decided to start this new venture. With months of experimenting on different LED combination to bring out colors of the fish as well as excellent coral color and growth, I would like to present our first product ReeFi® LED with electronic circuity design from scratch. It’s 150 max watt in 5 channels which are individually dimmable. The control circuit is designed for slow 0.1% incremental intensity change to fast instant on/off controlled by any mobile device or computer. This will be a limited initial release with the casing made from 3D printing with different color available.

You can follow us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/reefilab/