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ReeFi Uno is discontinued.

Following the success of the ReeFi® Duo Extreme, ReeFi® Uno continues ReeFi’s mission to make premium LED fixtures that will be affordable.  One of the hard lesson learned from the Extreme is the importance of design for manufacturing. It’s easy to make a few prototype but scaling up for mass production creates more complications. Using the latest PCB fabrication technology, ReeFi® Uno incorporates 2 layers copper substrate PCB with direct thermal path technology which allows the LED diodes, IC drivers, dual-core microcontroller and WiFi to all be on the same PCB. This eliminates many steps in the manufacturing process and eliminates many assembly concerns while still maintaining the best thermal pathway to export heat. Other innovations includes gas exchange vapor chambers to greatly improve transfer heat from the LEDs to the heatsink fins. This enables the use of higher heat density LEDs such as the 4in1 larger LED diodes, thus doubling the number of LED diodes in the same 6×6 LED puck arrays. ReeFi® Uno also incorporates ReeFlectors®, which have become one of the favorite innovations to prevent blinding side glares.

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  • ReeFi Uno LED Fixture
  • ReeFi 200W AC Power Adapter (90VAC to 264VAC)
  • Wire Hanging Kit

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Features at a Glance

  • Complete blue to UV spectrum coverage for best coral coloration and growth.
  • Broad wide spectrum PC Amber, Lime, with Cool and Warm White LEDs bring out the vivid colors of fishes and corals.
  • ReeFlectors® – Anti-glare, more even light distribution, color blend, and natural shimmer in compact form factor with individual ReeFlector™ for each LED diode.
  • 9 Color Spectrums with 9 individual channels and highest precision dimming of 0.097% increments.
  • Auto time sync and Auto moon phase lighting capable on any combinations of channels. Design your own moon color.
  • Easy to setup and program with built-in WiFi web server, fully customizable program schedule settings that can be saved to file for backup and sharing.
  • Advance cooling to keep LED at optimal performance with temperature sensor and PID fan control.
  • 72 LED diodes in 6×6 array, using 12 larger 4in1 LEDs.
  • 180W max power, 83.3% of the power level of ReeFi® Duo Extreme.

Quick Specs

  • 72 LED Diodes with 9 Channels Dimming
  • Maximal 180 Watts Power
  • Channel 1:  Cool White
  • Channel 2:  Warm White
  • Channel 3:  PC Amber
  • Channel 4:  Lime
  • Channel 5:  470nm Blue
  • Channel 6:  450nm Royal Blue
  • Channel 7:  435nm Violet
  • Channel 8:  420nm Deep Violet
  • Channel 9:  400nm UV

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in