ReeFi LED Duo Deluxe


ReeFi® LED Duo Deluxe is the 2nd generation of advanced LED lighting with ReeFlectors®, full Blue to UV spectrum plus broad spectrum Lime, PC Amber LEDs,  Warm and Cool whites, and increased controlability, and new modern look.

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Features at a Glance

  • Complete blue to UV spectrum for best coral coloration and growth.
  • Over 95% PUR/PAR with using only wide spectrum color and white LEDs. Bring out the vivid colors of fishes and corals.
  • ReeFlectors® – First anti-glare, more even light distribution, color blend, and natural shimmer in compact form factor with individual ReeFlector™ for each LED diode.
  • Most LED channels and highest precision dimming of 0.01% increments.
  • Auto time sync and Auto moon phase lighting capable on any combinations of channels. Design your own moon color.
  • Easy to setup and program with built-in WiFi web server.
  • Advance cooling to keep LED at optimal performance with multi-sensors temperature control.

Quick Specs

  • 48 LED Diodes with 6 Channels Dimming
  • Maximal 144 Watts Power
  • Channel 1:  Cool White
  • Channel 2:  Warm White, PC Amber, Lime
  • Channel 3:  470nm Blue
  • Channel 4:  450nm Royal Blue
  • Channel 5:  435nm Violet
  • Channel 6:  420nm Deep Violet, 400nm UV

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Additional information

Weight 190 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in